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Mar 29, 2017 by Madalina Botez in  Announcements
Enjoy the following series of interviews with the speakers, top-notch software crafters from across Europe, joining  I T.A.K.E Unconference, Bucharest, 11-12 May. Discover the lessons learned and what drives them to challenge the known path in their field.


Vlad Zelinschi, Technical Lead, GDE (Google Developer Expert) at 3Pillar Global, is going to share in his talk at #itakeunconf 2017 about Progressive Web Apps (Service Workers, Push Notifications, HTTP 2.0) that bring the best of mobile sites and native applications to users.




#1. Share with us 5 things that helped you grow and become the professional you are today

Growth never stops. Or at least not if you allow it. And it’s the single, most important aspect of a professional’s life in order to stay relevant in this field. I’ve found that growth for me happens especially when I get out of my comfort zone. Always try to do that. Don’t settle for what you already know. Push forward. Sometimes it will be hard. That’s why another thing that can fuel your growth is asking for help. Don’t be shy, everyone is learning. Just be humble when you do it. Follow people in your branch (Twitter, blogs, newsletters) and engage in discussions with them. Ask for feedback and be open to constructive criticism. And no matter what you learn, the single most important skill you can develop is learning in itself. So learn to learn first. That will be insanely helpful and will make you very adaptive.


#2. What challenges will the participants find solutions to during your session at I T.A.K.E Unconference 2017

The participants will get the chance to engage and connect with new technologies (Service Workers, Push Notifications, App Manifest, etc.). They will also be faced with a new approach to building apps (offline-first requires a different mind shift and planning to achieve it) which I hope they will embrace.


#3. Recommend for the participants 3 sources you find inspiration from and would help them better understand you

√ Search for Service Workers, Push Notifications, App Manifest, PRPL pattern, App shell, etc.
√ Look for Google articles especially from their network –
√ Follow people on the web/Twitter like Jake Archibald, Ilya Grigorik, Addy Osmani & read their blogs.


Want to join Vlad, +30 international speakers and ~300 software crafters from around Europe?

Register now for I T.A.K.E Unconference 2017!

Code and win a cool gadget: Programming Contest

May 16, 2016

I T.A.K.E Unconference 2016 is right ahead of us: almost 300 software crafters from Europe will challenge, change & improve the world of software craftsmanship.

This year edition offers the convergence of a technical-centric event combined with an audience of international top-notch participants, networking opportunities & a space where new ideas spark.

Are you up to a challenge?

But wait…this is not all. We’ve prepared for you a set of challenges that will put your coding skills to test. Join the programming contest, show your coding skills in a competition with software crafters across Europe & get the chance to win one of the cool prizes we have prepared: a Samsung Galaxy S7 (offered by Mozaic Works) or a Samsung Gear Smartwatch (offered by MozaicLabs).


AndroidPIT-Samsung-galaxy-s7-4                                                  gear-s-black



Well, this is simple. We try to automate the process as much as possible. For the moment the instructions are as simple as:
  • Register for THE contest on May 19 (the link to register will be communicated in the morning of 19th May)
  • Solve the challenges
  • Submit the solutions until May 20, 2 pm
Really cool: you can use ANY of the following programming languages: Java, C#, PHP, C++.


The Jury is built of Software Craftsman Fellows from Europe – names soon to be announced. They will grade each challenge you took. There will be just a few challenges, and taking all of them may lead you to the highest score. So the more you solve the closer to win.
Don’t miss the Programming Contest as well as many other hands-on sessions at I T.A.K.E. Unconference, 19-20 May, Bucharest.

I T.A.K.E Unconference news: pre-registration open!

Nov 08, 2016

Ready, steady, go – I T.A.K.E Unconference, 5th edition will take place in the rising tech city of Bucharest, 11-12 May, 2017! 

Code. Craft. Learn. Share. Repeat.

The growing community of top-notch software crafters is raising the bar in the tech industry. The speakers and participants are challenging the current practices, making experiments and trying new techniques.

The intense, dynamic program is including multiple tracks of practical, hands-on sessions, strong case studies, and personal experiences, delivered in an attractive manner.

While we are working on selecting the best proposals from 15 countries, here’s what you can do to save your seat at the best price:



Wondering what to expect from 2017 edition? This is just a preview:



Behaviour Driven Development with Thomas Sundberg

Nov 26, 2014

Thomas Sundberg is an independent consultant based in Stockholm, Sweden. He has a Masters degree in Computer Science from the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, in Stockholm. Thomas has been working as a developer for more than 20 years and has developed an obsession for technical excellence. This translates to Software Craftsmanship, Clean Code and Test Automation.

Cucumber JVM is a tool that allows development teams to describe how software should behave in plain text. The text is written in a business-readable domain-specific language and serves as documentation, automated test and development-aid – all rolled into one format. Cucumber JVM enables the implementation of Behaviour Driven Development in an organization that uses JVM for development.

Enjoy his presentation @ I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2014 edition.

Check out more about I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2015 or see directly the Schedule.

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