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Automation, Aviation Authorities and Mission Critical Software

Making wise decisions in testing/checking a Boeing 777 simulator is a challenging process, especially when aviation authorities are requesting a very detailed simulation, to the extend that cabin air leaks, heat generated by « passengers » or fuel pump impeller cavitation at high altitude are simulated.

Checking all those points takes time and the 615 pages requirements document from the aviation authorities is very explicit: “The FSTD systems and sub-systems (including the simulated aircraft systems) functionally represent those in the aircraft or set of aircraft”. (FSTD = the simulator).

In this talk Alexandre ”TripleSeven” Bauduin will explain how he combined his software/hardware engineering skills and airline pilot skills to automate some of the checks, what challenges he faced automating 41000 checks spread into 900 test cases and selecting the right information to be reported to stake holders. Alexandre will talk also about some millions dollar bugs.

Below a short teaser to enjoy:


May 15 @ 13:35
13:35 — 14:20 (45′)

Alexandre Bauduin

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