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Combining AI and IoT. New Industrial Revolution in our houses and in the Universe

The Internet of Things (IoT) is converting the objects that surround us everyday into a community of information that will increase the quality of our lives. From small devices to houses, the IoT is leading more and more things into the digital fold every day. Sensors are necessary to turn billions of objects into data-generating “things” that can report on their status, and in some cases, interact with their environment.
Advances in Artificial intelligence (AI) and the widespread availability of sensors have provided us with powerful applications that allow us to perform daily tasks by analyzing the huge amount of data. The insights to be gained from data are endless. In the light of this a new paradigm of combining AI and IoT has emerged, in which the quality of life could be increased through the use of big data and cloud technology.
The talk includes a lot of real working IoT use cases and their potential impact of a combination IoT with AI. Their focus direct towards a more practical improvement of the quality of our life.


May 15 @ 13:50
13:50 — 14:25 (35′)

Karina Popova

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