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Developer Experience to Testing

Create Software Design with unit testing, build user experience with UX testing, check definition of done with functional testing – all these are my day-to-day activities. Indeed, I am a developer who has found the value of testing to deliver quality software.

In this presentation I share with you how I have come to use tests for: understanding the features, choosing the best user experience design, choosing the best technical solution, implementing the features and test them to create a reliable system.

You will see practical examples of how tools like Jasmine, Spock, Geb are used for the above types of tests. You will see a project with test code and we will discuss how testing can effectively enhance your professional performance.

Join me to see how a developer can be happy when using tests to deliver robust, quality software!

May 21 @ 09:20
09:20 — 09:55 (35′)

Claudia Rosu

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