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Documentation for software developers

Documentation’s lack of popularity among programmers is at least partly due to time wasted on too much documentation, and producing docs the hard way. However, neglecting software documentation and technical writing skills holds us and our projects back. The solution is to improve basic skills, integrate documentation with modern software development methods, and learn about modern tools. Topics include:

  • Documentation requirements – understanding why we need system documentation
  • Content guidelines – deciding what to document
  • Technical writing – learning techniques for effective writing
  • Documentation types – comparing essential documentation with special-purpose docs
  • Production pipelines – using tools to produce software documentation
  • Architecture and code improvements – reducing the need for documentation
  • Project management – agile documentation planning and project risk reduction

This workshop teaches what to document, what not to, and how to produce documentation without the pain of traditional approaches. Attendees will learn to write and publish effective documentation with less effort, and develop a long-term skill. This benefits all software development teams, because good system documentation is a universal software requirement.


October 9 @ 14:30
14:30 — 16:15 (1h 45′)

Peter Hilton

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