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From Javascript to Haskell

Did you ever had a colleague that said «Well, it’s simple. I just used a partial application on that curried function using higher order functions and closures» ? Did you understand anything ? If not, then that the workshop you are looking for.

Functional programming uses a lot of concepts that are familiar to mathematicians. And that’s scary ! But, applied to computing, it’s actually pretty simple !

While live coding with you a refactoring that transforms a imperative code to a functional one, main concepts of functional programming will be introduced when necessary and explained deeply.

At the end of this talk, you will understand these key concepts :

– Referential transparency

– Functions as first class citizens

– Higher order functions

– Closures

– Lambda calculus

– Currying

– Partial application

– Function composition

– «Point-free» notation

May 15 @ 13:05
13:05 — 14:50 (1h 45′)

Xavier Detant

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