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Hands-on UX practices for front-end developers and design Q&A

It”s hard to develop a good interface without strong design skills. Designers often “miss out” interfaces and design elements, that you – as a developer – have to deal with (e.g. missing screens, loading states, error messaging etc). In this workshop, we will jump into a discussion on what you can do to keep the design consistent, how to boost the product if there’s no – or not enough – designer/UXer capacity available.

This is what you can expect:

– Best practices and hands-on activities with microcopy, forms, input fields, image optimization

– How to build up a style guide and how it can help you when there’s no designer around

– Involving designers in the process, managing feedback

I also want this session to be as interactive as possible. We will have QA to discuss whatever designer problems you encountered and try to solve together the headaches of product development.

May 15 @ 13:05
13:05 — 14:50 (1h 45′)

Csaba Házi

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