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Property based testing introduction workshop

Testing is a fundamental aspect of developing high-quality software. Manually creating inputs and verifying they are correctly mapped to expected outputs has been the “traditional” approach to testing. In this session, we will explore Property Based or random testing – a complimentary approach to traditional testing.


This is a hands-on session so we will try to come up with properties that could be used to test a piece of code. If time allows we will create some code using the defined properties as tests.



– 30 min – Warmup (Quick into to random testing)

– 1h – Hands-on session

– 15 min – Retrospective


Attendee Level:

This is a hands-on coding session, so it is recommended that you are comfortable with at least one programming language.


May 15 @ 13:20
13:20 — 15:05 (1h 45′)

Pedro Santos

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