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Remote Pairprogramming

Pair Programming – two developers sharing a keyboard and a screen, working together to solve a task – has been an established practice among agile developers for decades. But what if your pairing partner is working from remote? What types of pair programming are possible if you can barely sense your pairing partner?

Floobits, tmate, Skype, Hangouts, VNC, appear.in… I’ve tried them all. There are plenty of tools to support remote pairprogramming, but really they only help you so far.
In this talk I quickly explain which tools work for me and how it’s much more important to focus on your partner, find modes of working together you two are comfortable with and eventually cope with the fact that your pairing partner is far away from your desk.

This talk might be of interest to you if you want to establish a remote culture in your company or if you consider working from remote but don’t want to lose the connection to your team.


October 9 @ 14:50
14:50 — 15:25 (35′)

Raimo Radczewski

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