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Software Craftsmanship for Startups

“Startups don’t have time for that TDD nonsense!” “We might not be here in 3 months’ time, let’s just hack it in.” “There’s no point putting in that extra work because we might pivot – remember the YAGNI principle”

Start-ups are fast-paced, thrilling, and exciting. They can also be highly pressured, with encouragement to cut corners to complete something faster. That encouragement is common in a number of development shops, but more accepted in start-ups when the very survival of the company is on the line. The XP practices adopted by the Software Craftsmanship movement such as TDD and CI/CD, rather than being something slowing down delivery, in fact can be the lifeblood for the continued success of a start-up.

Since September 2016, I’ve been working for a start-up and have found the principles and practices of Software Craftsmanship more important than ever. We’ll look at how the perfect is the enemy of the good, how the easy is the enemy of the simple, and why “good” and “simple” are things start-ups really should be aiming for.


May 15 @ 14:00
14:00 — 14:35 (35′)

Alastair Smith

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