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Zero Downtime Deployment Golden Rules

Continuous delivery is a huge step forward in our ability to rapidly deliver features and value to the users of distributed applications, but it comes with a cost and a responsibility. Most modern web applications need to be highly available, and this also means that it should be up during the deployments. Dealing with zero-downtime deployments is a challenge, and there is no easy solution. Moreover, the solutions available vary based on the number of integrated clients, which parts of the World it addresses, how many active users it has… Isn’t there a simple way to figure out how to get there?

Join me to get into the details of the key steps on your path to zero downtime deployments. Learn about the patterns, practices and techniques that make it easier, such as semantic versioning and blue/green deployments. We’ll also walk through an end-to-end demo of how a high traffic web application can survive the challenge of deployments.

What seemed insurmountable at the start of the session will be practical and applicable by the time we’re finished, and you should be able to see how to start moving your production application close to the zero-downtime gold standard.

May 21 @ 10:10
10:10 — 10:45 (35′)

Tugberk Ugurlu

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