I T.A.K.E. Unconference 2018 Slides & Videos

We will soon announce the next edition of I T.A.K.E. Unconference. Until then, you can check out this year’s videos here.



Michael Feathers – Error Elimination as a Design Driver

Johan Martinsson – Totally Typed

Philipp Krenn – NoSQL’s Fight for Security

Alastair Smith – Check That: How a List Can Save Your Life

Ovidiu Deac – Concurrency with Style

Lemi Orhan – Git Anti-Patterns

Thomas Sundberg – Example Mapping

Johan Peeters & Michael Boeynaems – REST Identity and Access Management 

Xavier Detant – From JavaScript to Haskell

Csaba Hazi – Hands-on UX practices for front-end developers and design Q&A

Csaba Patkos – Leaders Walk the Same Road

Bart Szulc – Test Coverage 2.0

Armagan Amcalar

Ionut Balosin – Architecting for performance. A top-down approach

Alexandre Bauduin – Automation, Aviation Authorities and Mission Critical Software



Alexandru Bolboaca

Bart Szulc

Daniel Carral

David Voelkel

Alin Pandichi – Incremental Feature Development with Web Components

Henk Boelman


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