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Alexandre Bauduin

Test engineer @ House of Test

Alex is a 51 years old, world traveler. He worked in consulting firms, gaining experience in several fields (medical, manufacturing, aerospace, pay TV, data warehouse to name a few) in different countries ( Switzerland, France, Spain, Canada…).

His career started in the space industry where he discovered his passion for aerospace, working on both military and civilian projects.

Alex was sometimes steered away from aerospace but ultimately, his passion pushed him to become an airline pilot, a way to really understand how those instruments he programmed and integrated were operating in a cockpit.

One of his last challenge was to organize flight simulator testing into a lean manufacturing environment. His atypical scholarship allowed him to work with milling machines, draftsmanship, accounting and finance, software development, electronic design and industrial robots.

Always fun for him to use an oscilloscope, an ARINC bus analyzer, step into assembly language or stall a Boeing 777!