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Claudia Rosu

Software Engineer at MozaicLabs

Claudia is a software developer heading her way towards Software Craftsmanship. With experience in multiple industries, including e-commerce and eHealth, her focus is to deliver quality software. Agile, Lean and XP practices are in daily use for the last 4 years of her career.

As Claudia believes in learning through sharing, she is an active member of AgileWorks and Agile Lean European communities. When she is not coding and developing software products, you can find her facilitating an agile or technical, software craftsmanship meetup.


“I like programming, but I also like to analyze, discuss, pair-up and do what I have started to name ‘social programming’. I think that it is not enough for a developer to be a great coder, she has to be an efficient communicator, a good negotiator and an innovator”.