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Monica Obogeanu

Product Manager at Eventrix.co

In the almost 10 years spent in the industry, Monica has gained knowledge and practical experience in multiple roles, working in various contexts.

Motivated by her desire to help people, she has now found her true calling: bringing useful and delightful products to market. She works as a Product Manager at MozaicLabs, currently developing eventrix.co – platform supporting speakers and event organisers to shape the future through knowledge sharing.

In the past, she nurtured her love for the startup world as Community Manager & COO of How to Web, developing the first programs of Startup SpotlightMVP Academy and organising the first European conference dedicated to startup accelerators – Accelerator Assembly, Madrid 2014.

In the early days, she worked as a software tester, network admin and customer support, while graduating Computer Science in Sibiu, her hometown.

Outside work, Monica enjoys quality time with her two black dogs, cooking and traveling to rock festivals.