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Architecting for performance. A top-down approach.

Focused on a top-down approach, it covers the main layers where a software architect or performance engineer must be involved by revealing performance design principles, tactics, patterns, algorithms, strategies, operating system and hardware level optimizations. Each of these layers are detailed by offering suggestions and examples (including some performance tests) for the audience regarding what it really matters and what should be avoided when designing for performance.


Main topics:

  • design principles
  • tactics, patterns, algorithms, strategies
  • operating system
  • hardware

Also few benchmark comparisons will be shared (e.g. IO Scheduler: cfg/ noop/dedline; HDD/SSD/RamFS, memory access patterns and BigO notation) in order to prove which approach is better.

May 15 @ 13:30
13:30 — 14:00 (30′)

Ionut Balosin

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