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Journey to Agilandia – a BA Travel Kit

When working in an everchanging environment such as software development, with fast paced updates for different facets of an application (such as software, compliance, security, performance, infrastructure and interface design best practices) a Business Analyst (BA) should be able to address these and face the challenges that the client raises. And on top of that… everybody declares themselves AGILE! this is a glimpse of Agilandia, the territory I am travelling in.
Is there a universal travel kit that can ease a BA’s journey in Agilandia?
No panacea here… just a set of tools, techniques and mentality that I combined for getting the things Ready for the teams I worked with.
Does it suit you?
Join the session and see if a BA (or one individual that fulfils the BA responsibilities) can use

  • diagrams
  • use cases
  • wireframes
  • prototypes

for a pleasant journey.
I will present real-life samples of the aforementioned techniques and tools and how they helped me get along in Agilandia.


October 9 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:20 (35′)

Liviu-Stefanita Baiu

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