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Progressive Web Apps – The Future

Progressive Web Apps are the new cool kid on the block and they’re here to make a wave. They take advantage of new technologies (Service Workers, Push Notifications, HTTP 2.0) to bring the best of mobile sites and native applications to users. They’re reliable, fast, engaging and designed to work offline first. They promote new approaches for web app architecture (such as App Shell – a series of guidelines that target the separation of presentation from contant and designing and caching the minimum amount of common HTML/CSS/JS for extra fast initial load) and focus on best practices and guidelines that optimize for speed and a quality user experience. In this session we we tackle the basics of Progressive Web Apps, what sets them apart, why the need, how we could implement something like this ourselves (with code examples written in JavaScript) and their drawbacks (limited support and addoption for the technology suite, increased technical overhead). So get ready for an interesting discussion about the future of the web!


May 15 @ 13:55
13:55 — 14:30 (35′)

Vlad Zelinschi

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