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Realtime – Cognitive IoT using DeepLearning and Online Learning on top of ApacheSpark Streaming and Spark enabled DL frameworks

DeepLearning frameworks are popping up at very high frequency but only a few of them are suitable to run on clusters, use GPUs and supporting topologies beyond Feed-Forward at the same time. DeepLearning4J features all this without forcing you to learn new exotic programming languages and in addition also scales-out on well-established infrastructures like ApacheSpark and Hadoop/YARN. In this keynote, we will introduce DeepLearning4J on top of ApacheSpark with an example to create an anomaly detector for IoT sensor data with a LSTM auto encoder neural network.
October 9 @ 14:25
14:25 — 15:10 (45′)

Romeo Kienzler

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