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Unleash some AI into the wild…

We’ll dive into a real-world case on how A.I. can assist medical workers in the field. From eliminating time-consuming documentation to gaining valuable insights into their work. By letting AI take care of common tasks, medical workers can focus on delivering essential medical care.

In this session, I’ll take you along on a AI-First technical journey, from patient identification handled by Cognitive Services, efficiency improvement with natural language processing and handling data in the cloud. Besides that we take a look at the collected data and see how we can make a predictive model.

We took the app to some remote places in Uganda and beta tested it. We will zoom into some challenges we faced running it in the field, discuss the tools and components used and give you a peek into future steps.

Below a short teaser:

September 15 @ 11:55
11:55 — 12:40 (45′)

Henk Boelman

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