Developer's Life
Software Design
Continous Deployment
Autotesting & Design
09:00 Opening
09:15 Michael Feathers: Error Elimination as a Design Driver Keynote
10:00 Coffee break
10:15 Johan Martinsson: Totally Typed
  Philipp Krenn: NoSQL's Fight for Security
  Ovidiu Deac: Concurrency with style
  Armagan Amcalar: console.log(brain)
  Alastair Smith: Check That: How a List Can Save Your Life
10:45 Coffee break
11:00 Pedro Santos: Property based testing introduction workshop
  Thomas Sundberg: Example mapping
  Johan Peeters & Michael Boeynaems: REST Identity and Access Management
12:45 Lunch break
13:45 Dan Cristea: Language and Computation: How Can Text Become Data? Keynote
14:30 Open space
16:20 Csaba Patkos: Leaders Walk the Same Road
  Bart Szulc: Test Coverage 2.0
16:50 Coffee break
17:05 Alexandre Bauduin: Automation, Aviation Authorities and Mission Critical Software Keynote
17:50 Closing, Preparing for Dinner with a Stranger :)
18:05 Dinner with a stranger
09:00 Opening
09:10 Alexandru Bolboacă: How to become a better software designer Keynote
09:55 Coffee break
10:10 Daniel Carral: What is good code? Evaluating code quality
  Bart Szulc: Finding bugs before implementation
  David Völkel: Fake It Outside-In TDD Workshop
12:15 Break
12:25 Johan Martinsson: Bug Free, by Design
  Philipp Krenn: Centralized Logging Patterns
  Thomas Sundberg: Selenium and the Four Rules of Simple Design
  Stefanie Hasler: Outside-in TDD on a React/Mobx Website
13:55 Lunch break
14:55 Henk Boelman: Unleash some AI into the wild... Keynote
15:40 Open space
16:40 Ionut Balosin: Architecting for performance. A top-down approach.
  Marijan Mihaljev: Let your functions do the testing
  Alin Pandichi: Incremental Feature Development with Web Components
17:10 Break
17:20 Andrey Adamovich: DevOps Transformations: Tools vs Culture Keynote
18:05 Closing
18:20 Geek networking party
Architecture Caleano 1+2 (Day 1), Taygete (Day 2)

If you have to build large products and deal with specific cross-functional problems, this track is for you. Experienced architects will show how they solved difficult architectural issues.

DevOps Taygete

To make releases uneventful, infrastructure automation is needed. These sessions will show you how to start or improve the release automation.

Developer's Life Atlas 2

Developers have a life, and they want to feel better at and outside the job. Learn from our speakers tips and tricks to improve yours.

Quality Practices Electra 1

Quality is sought by everyone, but most developers admit it's very hard to achieve. Learn new ideas on how to get closer to the ideal level of quality you need for your products.

Technical Leadership Alcyone 1+2

Technical leaders want to know how to help their teams produce faster. Join this track to learn from practitioners' experience.

Microservices Caleano 1+2

Discover Microservices patterns and architectural challenges when building scalable applications.

Continuous Deployment Taygete (Day 1), Atlas 2 (Day 2)

Get an insight into Continuous Deployment, the culture of deploying applications as often and early as possible. Learn about specific practices and tools to achieve this goal.

Software Design Electra 1

Learn how to structure the code so that you get the best results for the business and for yourself.

Autotesting & Design Alcyone 1+2 (Day1), Caleano 1+2 (Day2)

Learn how to structure the code so that you get the best results for the business and for yourself.

Kata Lounge Open Space Area

Perfect practice makes perfect! You will receive some requirements. You will have a timebox that you need to respect. When the timebox is over somebody will review the code with you and give you ideas for improvement.

Product Development Electra 2

You will produce software live. For two days or just one hour, join other attendees and create a team that develops an application, incrementally delivering value each hour. We will use the usual techniques: continuous integration, unit testing, TDD, coding review, etc all for having a fast feedback cycle.